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Back on track

Today’s the day things starting to get back into motion and me getting back into ‘shape’. With the fear of sounding too vain and obsessed (think Poltergeist), a week without training messes with everything, so when the day of action finally arrive, it’s a day of joy.

First session was the second day of the 50 day horror:
4 x 800 sprints
followed up by 5 x 50

Went to the cemetary for the sprints. Figured I could do app. 700 meter sprints – the last 100 meter are blocked due to some Metro construction. Sprints was really hard as it is for the midrange distances – and not really sprints, but more fast running. But for an odd reason, much better than last time I tried these ‘sprints’.
Total work load: 700 m sprints and 700 m jog/ slow run back to start point – 4 rounds.
Last energy used for 5 x 50 m sprints. Quick and hard.

Evening set was in Siam Muay Thai, Abdul convinced Liam to take the class (Liam is unfortunately still kind of out, since his hand is still in recovery and the poisoning that almost got him send to an appendicitis operation), so I sort of knew what to expect. Turned out, reality is way harder than talking about it.
Class started out by a take on GPP # 5 ( 30 sec burpees/ 30 sec shadow box for 1-3  set. 4 set was burpees/ jumping jacks/ mountain climbers. For a total of 3 min. pr rd, 4 rounds )
After we moved on to clinch techniques – and from technique drills to plain clinch. Lucky there was two guys who weren’t 100 kg and 2 meter tall, so I got to practice a little clinching too. Which is good for me.
Liam thought it would be fun to end the class by a classic tabata drill with knees. As earlier stated: Some things seems easier talking about, than actually doing.
Tabata knees: 4 min set; 20 sec work, 10 sec break. Total workload: 4 rounds
1st rd: Knees on bag
2nd rd: Knees walking
3rd: Punching bag (speed)
4rd: Punching/ knees

Ending the class with core: 5 rounds of:
* 20 russian twists (10 each side)
* 10 V-ups
* 15 side bends (each side)
* 30 high rep chinnies
– So I guess the Core # 1 I was supposed to do today was substituted by this. A little stretch and 45 sec back bridge for personal ending. Very happy now – and as a cool warm up for Kessler vs Froch, Rocky is on TV!

Tomorrow: Chok dee for Keesler


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