Good intentions – bad doing

My bloggin has been as quiet as my training – which is why, I haven’t really been around lately. Very sad – for me, for the blog and for my gloves. So the ‘starting page’: “Add New Post” has been visible for several days, leaving nothing but a black conscience and a bad feeling in the bones.

Like Liam and I watching the UFC 112

As many other training addicts – I’m most happy when I get my passes down and get my bod worked, but also – am human and lazy – and easy affected. Thing is – Liam is back with his broken hand, and since he’s not training, for some reason, it gets very easy for me to stay with him – and we have lots of fun mostly.

And I’ve also launched into perhaps my life’s biggest challenge…. started writing for real. So unfortunately another reason to sit tight on the butt. But it can’t last.. I know.. Gotta get into it again and just ‘getting myself together’.

Picking up the pieces and putting myself in place again - illustration found at


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