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Sprint day on a spring day

First real training session after Liam is back. And very needed I guess – got somewhat of a ‘ehhh WTF’ experience this morning, as I jumped on the scale. 2 kg gain in just 2 days – and we’re not talking lean, mean muscles!!! ¤”%%¤¤#!!! (In short: WTF – HC!!)

Ok - my weight didn't say 'Get off', but I'm sure it smirked

So action was needed, I don’t want to be that much above my fight weight (2.8 kg) – just in case a fight ticks in at the big event in may. One kg is fine – is almost lost over night, but two??? Thats too much. Boyfriend was also really puzzled: ‘How can you gain that much over night? he asked sincerely interested, and continued: ‘I don’t believe it, my weight never goes up or down that much’, he added and made me feel like a weight freak.
What do I know?? For me this is quite normal – but I suspect it’s a girl thing? Like – it’s not that time of month yet, but the female body changes more than male. Yes, I know, elite sportswomen doesn’t get their periods, but I guess, I eat too much and train too little to call myself elite, then. Yet, I do train 6 days a week – often twice. But I do like to eat!

Nevermind – what ever the reason is, it doesn’t help thinking about it, and I had to get out and do something, before it’s time for muay thai class. Ended up choosing sprints, as it’s a lovely spring day, with sunshine, spring buds and just plain beautiful weather outside.

7 x 500 meter sprints/ 500 meter jog back after each sprint – Ross inspired. 800 would probably give more, but 500 meter is perfect for the place I’m using, so decided for that. Ended with some 5 x 50 meter sprints/ jog back. Total effort without getting killed: 7.5 Km. Which made me kind of happy.

Sprints not nearly as hard as 800 meter – or I’m in better shape (thou I doubt it! I’m 2 kg heavier if anything). So perhaps it’s the last 3 – 400 meter thats killing me? The last 150 meter of the 500 meter sprints was hard, and started to feel way out of breath at this point. The 800 meter mid range sprints are gruesome. I have to do them soon again 😉

Hill sprints - picture from Ross training

Tonight its muay thai class. Looking forward – just wished Liam could join in, but he needs to heal his hand. Still has stitches in it 😦  Anyway, happy day besides the weight surprise! 2 kg – WTF – where did that come from? 😉 )

Oh!! And good news! WMM – World Muay Thai Magazine just landed on my doorstep. Awesome mag – you should check it out:
New layout looks glam! and I got a little piece in it from the Danish Nationals (muay thai) – in short AWESOME! 😀

Picture to WMM - Some of the danish champs 2010


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