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Girls rockin’ it at ABC

Tuesday again, and once again my two 30 minute classes rock. First 30 minutes, as usual pure ‘toning’ class – and even my class is different from other ‘toning’ classes in, the girls buy into it, and my guess is they like it. Using lots of Ross Enamait inspired drills, the ladies get out of their usual comfort zone and get down with the more hardcore drills. I think it’s so awesome the girls are into this – and it warms my fighter heart.

Marlene and I training - Picture from Tiger Muay Thai jan 2010

‘Toning class’:
* Warm up: walk outs, push ups
Drills x 2
* 20 Squats with weights and ball btw knees (tone inner thigh)
* 20 Saxon Sidebends w weight
* 20 Lunges w weight
* 20 Sidetwists w weight
* 3 x 20 Russian sidetwist
End: 2 minute Plank

Second class is an all abb/ back class. Most drills are done with the big ball. Cool class as well, but not as innovative as the toning class. I should work on improving drills for this class.  Abs/ Back ended up with Plank: 2 minute straight, 1 minute each side.

Third class was boxing – so much fun and a great warm up with GPP #4 – only 4 sets thou:
3 minute sets/ 45 sec break btw sets
* Burpees 30 sec
* Jumping jacks 30 sec
* Split jumps 30 sec
* Burpees 30 sec
* Jumping jacks 30 sec
* Squats/ push ups 30 sec

I felt great today. Lots of energy. And after that – I just lined up the circle , watched time and tried to make them work a little harder. Class ended with a great 3 minute challenge.

Liam - my hearts warrior and I in a smily moment

So did get a little training done in between the teaching – and it felt great, but I also had yesterday off. Liam is back, which my heart both dances and cries about. Ofcourse Im overly happy to be with him again, be in his arms – which is the best place in the world – and on the same note, my heart cries for him, as he came back, because he broke his hand again. We both thought it was good, since he’s been training here for about 3 months without any problems – but about a week out in Thailand, and he hits a hard head, and the bone breaks same place. If I could, I would change bones with him. I would rather had him stayed and fulfill his dreams, than a broken hand and shattered dream.
But I’m sure, it will sort out – we will get that happy ending. I can’t imagine otherwise with my strong warrior by my side.


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