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Picture perfect springtime

After a couple of hours in Siam, I went home through Assistens Kirkegården, which is a central located cemetary in the  borough we’re living in. In the summer time people also use it as a park, and you’ll often find someone sunbathing, reading books, drinking coffee or taking their dog for a walk.

Snowdrops in springtime at Assistens

Also famous Danish writer H.C. Andersen (The Little Mermaid, Emperors new suit, The Snowqueen, Thumbelina and The Ugly Duckling) is buried in Assistens along with Søren Kierkegaard, astrophysics Niels Bohr and author Martin Andersen Nexø – the cemetary has been known as the ‘nameless’ cemetary, due to location it was once also a place where poor people got buried without a stone. Nowadays its quite fashionable place to get laid to rest, and many from the Danish culture scene is put to rest here.

Someone felt he shouldn't be alone

I’m not really into celebrity sighting – neither dead or alive, only – I often stop by H.C. Andersen’s grave. There’s just something magical about a man, who have the hearts of children in his hand. But my attention are not for the stones – it’s for the trees and flowers. It’s besides a rest place for the dead, a very beautiful and quiet spot, and in the springtime its just plain breathtaking. I’ll figure it be another week or so before the cherry trees will blossom, so today, mostly flowers on the ground caught my attention.

More springtime

Flowers for the dead

I’m aware that some people dislike graveyards and only come in for funerals. I find cemetary interesting. And often when I travel, I’ll visit the local cemetary just to see how people get buried other places in the world – and to experience that special feel, you can only get from a cemetary. So of course I’ve also visited Père Lachaise Cemetery, where Jim Morrison is buried, and seen the spectacular chinese graveyards, the fields of white crosses from american soldiers. Interesting – and tells a little tale of the culture.

Spring snowdrops

Saturday training in Siam:
* 10 min of skipping for warm up
* 3 x 3 min rounds of shadow (1 rd w/ weight)
* Sweet 20* TABATA: 4 min rds, 20 sec work, 10 sec break
–  1rd: Heavy bag punches
– 2 rd: Burpees (7-8-9 pr rd. Mostly 8)
– 3 rd: Push ups (1½ minute correct, then 10 correct and rest from knees pr rd)
– 4 rd: Squats (as* to the grass, 14/15 pr rd)
– 5 rd: Heavy bag work
* 5 rd of Bagwork*
– 1st rd: Punches and elbows
– 2nd rd: Kicks and knees
– 3rd – 5th rd: Everything

Kasper and Thor at Siam

After bagwork I talked Kasper and Thor into finishing up with me:
* 4 x 50 Knees on the bag
* 100 teeps

4 rounds of Core:
* 20 Russian Twists
* 15 V- ups
* 25 Supermans
* 50 High rep Chinnies

Finishing: Back bridge for neck. Made me think of Liam. Miss my warrior!

Nanna at Siam


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