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End of the 50 day challenge

Today was my last day with the Ross bible 50 day Infinite Intensity Challenge. And what a finish  – readers might remember I missed the Sweet 16 and 800 meters sprint, so today was sprint day.
And – that might be ok, if you’re tall, strong guy like Liam, but for a small girl like me, it’s hell on earth.

The 50 day Infinite Intensity Challenge has been fun and challenging additional training to my muaythai & strength and conditioning. Lot’s of small fun exercises with emphasis on strength or conditioning has been good for me – and as it turned out, made me capable of at least 5 coherent pull ups and burpees on the order.
I’m most happy about the pull-ups. Remember my first time, where I had to use the weight balance in order to pull myself up. 15 kg. Now I can basically perform 5 – not very beautiful, but efficient – in 10 rds = 50.

Liam and me at my first muaythai fight

As I’ve mentioned last week wasn’t so good for me. Been down and missed my boyfriend a lot – I still do, but its like everyday life has caught up with me, and I kind of reached the point, where I had to take back my everyday with training and work. But don’t mistake – I still miss him more than anything.

End of the Ross challenge was celebrated with:
4 x 800 meter ‘sprints’ – Indoor on the treadmill. Which was kind of odd, but accurate.  (1. sprint: 14.9- 15.5 kph. 2-sprint: 15.5-16.00 kph. 3 sprint: 15.5-16.5 kph. 4 sprint: 16.5-15.8) Felt like puking! Ha!
5 x 50 meter sprints (18.00 kph)

Rasmus Zøylner - pic from last summer

Siam evening class: Muaythai with Rasmus Zøylner. Slightly different with no sparring, but very good technique drills, and as I think, I might have hurt my toes, the no- sparring suited me fine. I got to polish up my knees, kicks and clinch. Especially the last part, I learned from my fights, I really need to study hard. Only not so nice thing: As the only girl and smallest person, I don’t get a variety of people to clinch with – and now I have the odor of sweaty men hanging in my nostrils. But what – I guess, that comes with the territory 😉

Ended Siam session with tabata abb-drill. Which was a piece of cake, after my 20 minutes tabata drills from saturday 😉 haha 😀

Think I need a cake to celebrate the end of the 50 day challenge


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