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Sweet 16 turned 20

It was not the Magic 50 I missed from completing the 50 days challenge, but the Sweet 16. So for my saturday training in Siam, I decided to add the Sweet 16 to my (our, Liam & me) usual saturday schedule. However, as I arrived to the gym, and was about to get started, I forgot if it was one or two rounds heavy bag punches – all I remembered was Ross writing, that one could add burpees instead of push ups to make it harder.

I don’t know if it was the 12 minutes of skipping or the boxer brain – but somehow all I remembered was the 3 exercises: Heavy bag work, push ups and squats – and then the twist with the burpees. I did figured thou, that the Sweet 16, would consist of 4 sets, so this is how my saturday work schedule ended up:

Warm up: 12 minute skipping

Sweet 16 turned 20:
Tabata drill: 4 minute set, 20 sec work, 10 sec break
* Heavy bag punches, 1st set
* Burpees, 2nd set (8 in 4 rounds, 9 in 2 and 7 in 2)
* Push Ups, 3rd set (between 12 – 14 in each round, 3 rounds first 10 correct, rest on knees, second last round on the knees)
* Body Squats, 4th set (between 11 – 13 in each round)
* Heavy bag punches, 5th set

Saturday routine:
* 3 rounds of shadow (2nd round with weights)
* 5 rounds on the bag
– 1st: Only boxing and elbows (really destroyed my right elbow today, rashguard not a really good idea for this)
– 2nd: Only kicks and knees
– 3,4 & 5: Everything

300 knees
200 teeps

'Reach for toes' - This drill probably has a name

Finish off with core:
* 20 Russian side twists (5 kg medicine ball)
* 15 V-ups
* 20 Supermans
* 25 Abs, ‘Reach for toes/ footprint on ceiling
* 16 Russian side twists (5 kg medicine ball)
4 sets

Footprint on the ceiling - this drill might also have a correct name 😉

This week has been lazy with training: Only joined Siam classes on monday and friday – and today was my first Ross training alone. It was hard and I missed my man so much. Training side by side with him, is so inspiring and we have so much fun together. Even watching TUF is missing some of its charm without him.

Happy with my hearts warrior


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