Almost done

GPP # 5

Saturday morning: 6 sets of 3 minutes consist work of 30 sec burpees & 30 sec shadowbox
Rest between sets: 30 sec

Total workload: 180 burpees & 9 min shadowbox
Between round 4 & 5 I took 1 minute break to get my right hand wrapped, as I my wrist started to feel sore. Liam continued and actually ended up doing an extra minute. So he ended up doing 190 burpees and 9.5 min shadowbox.

Ended workday with 7 rounds of sandbag:
* 1 round boxing and elbows
* 1 round kick and knee
* 5 round of everything

300 knees – walking around the gym. 200 with weights.

Core for finish – 5 rounds-:
* 5 Flags
* 20 Russian twists (10 each side)
* 15 V-ups
* 15 Supermans
* 30 high rep chinnies

Sushi for lunch (thank you for lunch babe 😉 ) and cinnamon buns for deserts.
Killing time with TUF season 1 shows and fooling around.
Not quite sure if I should line up a trip to NY/ Vegas or Thailand for myself. Thinking about it.


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