Fast and the furious part II

10 furious rounds of the Fast and Furious in just a little over 20 minutes. Actual time: 20.32

As readers of the blog might recall, we (Liam and I) did take on The Fast and Furious some almost a month ago (22 feb). Some improvements have happened since, which makes the motivational factor to continue the R-program that much higher. Thou, my pull ups haven’t increased, but that is mainly due to my weight gain.

Liam finding himself after the Fast & Furious

Even with the R-program and muay thai training, I’ve managed to put on about 2 kg. Guess that says more about my eating habits than my training discipline. But right now, I don’t have any fight coming up, and just enjoying my life with my fantastic boyfriend – so its easy to snuggle up at night with the TUF show (season X on Canal 9), cinnamon rolls, chips and guacamole – or an occasional popcorn feast. But, now it’s soon the end of all that. From next week on, I’m on my own.

Todays set:
* 10 Pull ups (I did my usual 5)
* 10 Db swings pr arm (11 kg – swing to horizontal due to wrist)
* 10 Plyometric push ups (jump with whole body)
* 10 Knee tucks

Don't let the smile fool you, seconds before I was just dead

As I said – 10 rounds in 20.32. Finished up 9 rounds within the time limit, but decided to do an extra. Last time we did it, we were at 9 rounds ending at 21.40. (8 rounds within the 20 minute time limit).


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