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On the countdown

After a stupid weekend, where I did managed to put in some work, we’re now at the 44th day. I do however missed the Sweet 16 – which means, I probably have to do it by myself after my boyfriend leaves me for Thailand. Which is also on the count down – both determined to end on monday 22nd.

Today we did the GPP 4:
100 Skips
10 burpees
10 push ups
10 bw squats
– 10 sets, no breaks in between sets

We did 10 or 11 in about 18 minutes. Unfortunately we forgot to count out loud between the sets, so once again, we were not quite sure, how many we were at.

Post GPP work:
2 rounds of shadow box
3 rounds of bagwork
300 knees
200 teeps

Sparring session btw GSP and Phil Nurse, The Wat 08

This afternoon 3 classes in, Abc. Not quite determined, what to make them do today. But it’ll probably be some wierd Ross/ Phil Nurse hardcore conditioning rounds.

Tonight its movie time with Liam – our 2 movie date in about a year. Looking forward to that!!


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