friends, girltalk

Sometimes I wish

Sometimes I wish – and don’t we all? Well, sometimes I wish, I was a guy. Not because, I could stand up and take a pi**, or because it would make it more ‘allright’ for me wanting to fight (even, it would save me some explaining, not to mention the ‘sorry-look’s I get, when the bruises are visible).

No – sometimes, I wish, I could experience the art of friendship guys have. The no-nonsense -I-have-your-back friendship. The kind of friendship, that never makes you question, whether or not, your friend says what he says, cause he has personal motives, but simply, just say it for your own good.

Sometimes, I question why my ‘girlfriends’ tell me stuff to ruin my day. It’s always masked in ‘for your own good’, or ‘I didn’t know you would mind’ – like only girls can do.
Sometimes it can be hard, to tell who you’re real friends are – except if he’s your boyfriend!

Says it all

Oh yeah – and maybe I had too much energy to think, since I had a day off yesterday?.


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