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38th day – celebrating with the class

Today was strength training – and even I’m getting more used to the Ross-way, it was actually a hard day for me. For some reason I feel more at home with the burpees and GPP’s – but it was nice for a change, to focus on more detailing, as the strength day isn’t on time schedule – and yeah, it was fun along with the hardship.

Before going into details, a little update on our Ross adventure the earlier days:
* 8 x 200 meter sprints
* 5 x 50 meter sprints
MONDAY – Density Day
* 2 DB Snatches pr arm (I did clean and press, due to wrist problems)
* 6 Burpees
– 10 minutes-
* Sledgehammer Swings (No sledgehammer, so did woodchopper & medicine ball slams)
– 10 minutes-
* Heavy work on sandbag
– 5 minute-

Liam training in Siam

MONDAY Evening:
Muay thai class with Tony Pettas at Siam Muay Thai (No sparring, but good padwork. Liam took me for a trip to hell in 3 x 3minute – very good pace and combos.And ofcourse, you always give a little extra, when its your superman of a boyfriend who’s holding the pads. Only not so fancy thing: he held the pads awkwardly for my kicks, and I never got around to find the right position to get the kicks in.)

Tony Pettas - bagwork

* 3 DB Clean & Press (4 sets, 3 reps)
* Sandbag Shouldering (4 sets, 8 reps)
* DB Step Ups/ RDL’s (4 sets, 6 Step Up/ 8 RDL)
* Weighted Pull ups/ Dips (4 sets, pull-ups 5/ Dips 10)
Finisher: Sandbag carry (did 6 rounds in Falkoner,

Core 5 together with my afternoon classes in, ABC:
* 5 Leg raises with count of 10 sec, legs horizontal to the floor
* Deadlift twist x 6 pr side (Done with KB)
* Supermans x 15
* DB Twists x 8 pr side (KB)
3 sets for 1st class – then finished off with:
* 3 x Wall squats (1 minute hold)
* 3 x 10 Jump Squats
2 minute Plank
Second class:
* 5 Leg raises with count of 10 sec, legs horizontal to the floor
* Deadlift twist x 6 pr side (Done with KB)
* Supermans x 15
* DB Twists x 8 pr side (KB)
2 sets – including lots of work on the ball – Finished off by:
2 minute plank, 2 x 1 minute side plank
Third Class – Boxing Fitness
For the warm up:
* GPP 3 – Just 3 sets

A very productive training day, now I just need finish off my article from the Tiger Temple, then it has been a very productive day all together. Strength workout 7 was hard – but on my palms and the muscles along the spine – specially the area between the shoulder blades, which are normally hard to hit. The Romanian deadlift ( 16 kg each hand) and the dips took well care of that. My other weights for today: Step Ups (14 kg each hand), Clean & Press (10 & 12 kg), Sandbag (not sure – 25/ 35 kg). No extra weight for pull-ups and dips. Unfortunately my pull ups aren’t really good yet – but for the past 3 sessions, where pull ups are included, I’ve been able to do them, without support weight – just hanging in free air. When I get it right, I’ll see to give Liam the camera.

Liam and Steffan on the pads in Siam

Liam did excellent on the strength day. I suspect he soon runs out of DB’s in In their eager to get the bodybuilders out, and the families into the gyms, they removed all dumbbells weighing over 36 kg. (Stupid! Stupid!) And Liam’s already throwing around 36 kg on this heavy strength day.

PS. I was really happy they had 3 sizes of sandbags at Falkoner. Liam was throwing around a 50/ 60 kg bag.


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