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Weekend messin’ bout

It’s saturday – and I spend most of the daylight inside gyms, even the weather was wonderfull today. Clear blue sky and sunshine. Cold and fresh air. Typical Denmark in March. First of, we – Liam & I went to Siam Muay Thai Gym, to do some training on our own. Saturday the gym’s open, but no instructor – so it’s all about pushing yourself and get to it. Some people always avoid the open gyms, but me – I always liked training on my own, so the Saturdays suits me fine. And having my bf there, just made me push it a bit more, so we got to do a great work out together.

Siam Muay Thai:
* 10 minutes skipping
* 2 rounds of shadowbox (1 round w/ 2.5 kg db weight)
* 5 rd bagwork (10 push ups in beg. of the last 3 rds)

End of session: Time for the R-bible – Core # 4:
* 12 Evil Wheel roll outs (from knees) (I did 14)
* 10 Russian Side twist (each side) ( 12)
* 10 Crunches (High tension/ slow) (15)
* 12 Supermans (15)
* High rep chinnies ( 40)

Ended session 300 knees (hard work for both legs and arms – think rowing machine), and 200 teeps. And an additional 1 minute back bridge. BF did 2 min front and back (he always have to show off 😉 Hahahaha)

Was a great short session, that left me a little exhausted and arms even more tender from Fridays training. (Which for my part consisted of 2 x 10 minutes run, 400 knees, 3 min plank and a little more.) Especially the shadowbox rd with the db, took its toll on the arms.

Me training in Tiger Muay Thai

Saturday afternoon training was at my second, and so far last ‘Girls Fight Club’ event in I had a 90 minute class, girls only. Not so many shoved – compared to the 10 people that’s been on waiting list, but hey, its saturday, so what do you do?? Anyway, It was a good class! We started out by a 3 set homemade GPP:
* Jumping jacks 30 sec
* Jumping split jacks 30 sec
* burpees 30 sec
* Jumping jacks 30 sec
* Push ups
* Knee bends
After last Girls Fight Club, where I lost 5 girls during the warm up round (GPP # 5 sets), I was forced to revise the warm up program to a milder version. And the girls today ate it raw. They were great – but! No one likes the burpees. (Go figure.. haha) We ended the session with 3 planks: 1 normal (for 1½ minute), and 2 sides (each 1 minute).

Tomorrow is rest day, but we’ll do a little sprinting.


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