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Happy birthday on a monday?

Not really, but then again – it doesn’t really matter. I’m over the days, where birthday meant wake-up call with chocolate and fresh-baked buns, and nicely wrapped gifts. In fact – I don’t think I ever had a birthday like that. So today I just celebrated with a session of muay thai with Tony Pettas in charge. (Yes, it is him – Nicholas big brother) and a strawberry cake.

Nicholas Pettas

Tony Pettas and Abdul Albarazi at Danish Muay Thai Championship

Had a brilliant class on top of a not so brilliant day. It’s awfull how my mood has been on the downhill, since I realized, I wont be going to Thailand to train, with one of the best trainers I ever met – and who – actually believe I can learn and do good. (And who would put in the time and effort – and not just treat me like a tourist or a Girl) And on top of course going to be separated from my bf. Life just much more fun around him.

But! Yeah! Girls aren’t still that hot on a fight card, so therefor don’t get the same attention from the trainers as guys who are fighting. It’s a bitch, but its real. It’s hard to come across someone, who will actually put in the Time – Effort- and Trust, as Master Toddy has for me (and my friend Hanna). Hanna is now in Vegas training with him, and leaving for Thailand with him, to train and fight. I so wish, I could go and join them. Just to see, how far I could actually get. And Hanna is so much fun to hang with. My all time favorite hardhitting girl!

Better put in a birthday cake too

Thank G for muay thai and Liam. That 1½ hour of muay thai kept my spirit alive.

Oh – and my article got out – still I haven’t got paid! Let’s hope there’ll be a delayed birthday present tomorrow.


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