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Day 27th – Girls & Strenght day

In pursue of the 50th day, we’re at the 27th day, but a bit ahead of schedule, so todays Ross training consisted of strength workout #5 and GPP Workout 1 & Corework 7th.

And in between I had my first event: Girls Fight Club in (more to come)

A pretty stressful day, which I probably would do differently given the choice, as I really don’t thrive that good on stress. To a certain level yes: if I have a deadline on an article, or a dinner to prepare, but having to train (twice), fit in an event + get my friend to drive us round to pick up shi*, while homeland not secured – not really my best idea of a saturday. On the upper hand – tomorrow (or today just 4 minutes ago), is rest day. Nothing but sleep, relax, eat and maybe get cosy.

Back to day 27th (which according to the Ross bible is day 28th and 29/38th, minus the sandbag):

My strength Workout #5:
* 5 Pistols – each leg
* 5 Glute ham raises
– 4 sets

* 5 pull ups
* 15 push ups (knuckles)
– 4 sets

Mike Mahler: Pistols w Kb

I was supposed to do db push press and snatch as well – but I’ve got new issues with my wrist, so decided to cool it a bit. Which was also why, I did the push ups knuckle style. Boyfriend did everything by the book of course – and managed to look good afterwards 🙂
We finished of with 100 medicine ball woodchoppers

After training + bath I had 45 minutes to get home, eat and get dressed for the Girls Fight Club session! I actually managed to get some of my favorite breakfast: Fresh fruit (pineapple, orange and raspberry), chocolate granola, oats and corn flakes with yogurt. SO YUMMY. Even got time for a slice of toast with egg and cheese for dessert – and then, it was out and on my way to pick up mitts for my class.

Girls Fight Club – – Royal
My program for the event was in part designed to be some of the most grueling training the girls had tried. Inspired by the Ross training and stamina demands for fighters. And then – just as important – a lot of (hopefully) use full training and technique, along with again -hopfully-words to think about.

Warm up was taken from GPP:
* Burpees 30 sec
* Jumping Jacks 30 sec
* Mountain climbers 30 sec
* Burpess 30 sec
* Jumping Jacks 30 sec
* Knee bent/ push ups 30 sec

4 sets – 1 minute break btw sets

After warm up – lots of technique: punches, elbows, kicks, knees – and in between 2 on 2 exercises, where the most challenging one for most of them, was to try and hit each other in a controlled and safe enviroment.
It turned out to be a really cool drill, and by the time we were done, everyone was smiling and had a fun day. The air was full of apologies for a while thou. Very funny and very typical girly behavior. The first many times you actually hit another human on purpose, you apologize. Think this has been the way for most female fighters – and now for my girls.

But I’m very proud of them! They did a good job, kept their cool and survived the two-hour long session. Straight after I had to run – as my friend and my ride, was due some place else, and we had to hurry to get the mitts back. And of course we got a parking ticket 😦  (Say goodbye to 300 kr  – thanks for nothing).

When I came back, Liam and I debated whether or not to go to the gym to do the GPP Workout #1. I was so tired after morning session, running around and teaching class, so all I could do, was to say I needed to sit down for 10 minutes. I don’t think people who never taught, really knows how tired you can be, from being ‘On’ for a whole class. For me it can be just as exhausting, as training myself. But then again – I have a habit of doing everything with my students.. so..
Anyway, we ended up clearing the living room floor, and set up space for the GPP routine. It was easy – even after I did the GPP routine with the girls earlier on.

GPP Workout #1:
* Burpees 30 sec
* Jumping Jacks 30 sec
* High knee dumbbell press 30 sec
* Shadow box 30 sec
5 sets – no breaks.

Afterwards we needed to find a Core workout, we could do at home, without a bench for dragonflags. (Ps. It annoys the cr** out of me, that Ross names drills differently, than any other textbook – cause its confusing. I mean, I like the way he put together the drills, and the philosophy behind it – but why have to be so special, that you name well known drills different names?? Dragon flags are not called FLAGS, cause that’s another drill all together – how hard can it be??) But back to the party. We needed a drill with no dragon flags and ended up with Core workout #7.

As I was still nursing my wrist in the afternoon, I chose to do the plank instead of tyrkish get-ups. Boyfriend started out with Turkish get-ups, and I with the Saxon Sidebends. As he was at the end with his sidebends, I got to the plank – and just stayed in that position until he finished with V-ups and knee-hugs. I have no idea, how long he took, but got the stomach burn a few times.

Core #7:
* 5 Turkish getups (each side)/ Plank
* 12 Saxon sidebends (5 kg medicine ball) / I did 14 & 16
* 10 V-ups, 10 knee-hugs, 5 V-ups, 5 knee-hugs

Dragon Flag

The Flag

After the GPP and Core, Liam wanted to take me to a fight event his friends gym was hosting. It was nice to be at an event, without working for once. So I just sat and enjoyed the fights, or the fights that was to be enjoyed. A few good ones in between, among new warrior friend from Mikenta – Peder Tækker Jensen, who sadly got robbed from the judges. But I think, I know where it came from. Peder was backing a lot of the fight, even he scored more clearly. But for some muay thai judges, you have to show ‘Ring Generalship’. You have to be in command, even you score more – you can’t go backwards most of the fight and still win. For others – it would be the damage and hardness in the technique that counts the most. But that explanation would be my guess.

Anyway – home after a freaking long day and in a fault mood. Know that feeling of being too tired to sleep?? I found this picture.. it kind of says it all 😉

How was my day?? ...!!!


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