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The fast and furious

Day 21th in the 50 day bible

I won’t lie, I’ve dreaded this day for a while. The bf have been going on about it – and we’ve read the drills over and over. In short (and in fact) this is what the Fast & Furious looks like:

* 10 Pull ups
* 10 Dumbbell swings (each arm)
* 10 Plyometric push ups
* 10 Knee tucks

Do as many sets as possible within 20 minutes. No rest between exercises, up to one self how long rest between sets.

Day started out a little slow. After the sunday off-day, where we did the recovery baths (hot/ cold) and some 300 knees on the bag, it was like the body didn’t really wanted to wake up this morning. But there was no way around it. Had to go – had to do. The bible says so – or atleast the Bf did!

Pull-ups (I might have looked more pressured!!)

So – we started out with deciding for the right gym. For you who might be interested in trying out the Fast & Furious: There has to be space around the pull-up area for dumbbell swings, push-ups and jumps. We settled for one of’s smallest gyms (The smallest, would be the one at the SAS hotel in Amager I guess), same gym I teach classes in on Tuesdays. Gym is small, but somewhat cosy – thou nothing cosy about the fast & furious.

Before we could actually get to the gym, roads of cold and snow had to be passed – and first then, we could get started. First thing was to decide on the dumbbell weight. I got chicken and decided to go with a 8 kg dumbbell. Knowing I had to do pull-ups, I thought it better to take a light weight, to make sure, there would be any juice left.

Model pic of dumbbell swings

So my Fast and Furious routine was sized down compared to the bf. As I still havent got totally around the whole pull-up scenario, I also cut the workload in half. So my excercise today was:

* 5 Pull-ups (On my first set, however, I did 10!! – Which is also pr!)
* 10 Dumbbell swings each arm (8 kg dumbbell)
* 10 Plyometric push ups (done correctly)
* 10 Knee tucks (done correctly)

Boyfriend of course did everything by the book 🙂 (with lots of weight on the dbs). After the first two rounds, I had the same feeling, as I experienced from the GPP 4. I just felt like ‘Goodnight, and it was nice to meet your all!, Think I better go home now’. But as in the previous programme my bf and the will – not to give up! – made me bite it, and struggle through it. And – I guess, I forgot, cause when we reached round 7, I was feeling quite fine.

The fast and furious was a lot of strength work – done fast (and furiously) – with the knee tucks just to give your heart that racing feeling. Like sprinting after a bus or train, just about to leave the station. The ‘lunge in mouth’ feeling. And of course the burn in the arms – everything in this excercise designed to make you get the taste of metal in your mouth, heartburn under your skin – and hurt in your palms (from gripping all that metal).

So how many, how long – you might wonder, now that its established, that we both survived – and one of us (that’ll be me) can still use their fingers. Well – results is in, and we spend19.14 minuttes and seconds to finish 8 sets – 21.38 for the ninth. I don’t think either of us, took any long breaks in between the sets. As for myself, I have a frail memory of me, gasping for air while standing on the bench, reaching for the pull-up bar, and I suppose Liam did the same at times. But have to admit, I really didn’t have energy to pay much attention to what anyone else was doing. Except the old guy, that was starring at my butt, when I did the dumbbell swings. Had I had any excess power left, I would have asked, if he enjoyed the view, or just wondered how it felt, to actually do some work in the gym. But then – on the other hand – we all look in the gym. I just hate when people stares.

Bf and I on the off day

Decided not to run or do anything else, as we’re off for the monday class at Siam, we just finished off with a short stretch. I’m so happy bf decided to come and train muay thai with me tonight. He’s style is so amazing, and looking at him, makes me train even harder to strive for the same level of elegance and strength. And – it makes the road to and from training much more fun. Nothing worse, than having to drag oneself out in the freakin’!!  cold, just to get bossed around by a mad coach. If any of my own students reads this, I’m sure you know, what I mean.


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