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Afraid of getting killed – GPP 4

Saturdays normally means recovering from friday night, shopping or fine dinning with friends and family. But not for me, since the bf’s infatuation with the Ross Training programme, days got different purposes – and today the purpose according to the 50 day bible was GPP workout 4. Being the sport that I am – or can be 😉 – I of course happily spend my saturday working and suffering along with him.

So the GPP Workout 4 consists of 4 simple exercises:
* 100 rope turns
* 10 Burpees
* 10 Push ups
* 10 Bodyweight squats
All performed after one another with no breaks in the set. 10 sets – fast as possible.

Let me start out by saying, that I really didn’t looked forward to doing this. It’s kind of like – it’s really, really shitty weather: ice-cold storm, and its raining, muddy and dark, and you have to take your long-haired dog out for a walk. You know, you have to – but you try not to think about it, cause you know, you’ll hate the trip so much.

Liam (bf) and me at my first muay thai fight, nov 09

The bf looked more optimistic on todays plan. He even invited a friend to join us. I didn’t say anything, but in my mind, I was puzzled as why, he would want his friend witness, how it looks when a fish comes to land, gasping for air. But then again – not everything revolves around me. (Except for this blog!*)

Anyway, five past 11 his friend still didn’t turn up, and after a few minutes of debating back and forth, we got to work. First was the 100 rope turns, which of course isn’t that big of a deal. The problem is to skip and count. Then for the 10 burpees. Burpess are tough! Guys and girls – if you ever did one tough bodyweight excercise – burpees is definitely in the top 1! And then – cause your arms had just shortly been in that position, next drill of course is push ups – and to round the darn thing up: 10 body weight squats. Which to my surprise was much worse, than I had give them credit for in my mind.

Another pic from the Ross training programme

We both did good, and after set 3, I was kind of ready to walk out and close the door. Shut the light and say goodbye. I was toast! But for some reason I kept on, seeing the bf next to me, made me bite the teeth and hang in there. A few rounds later, we tried talking – for the first time since starting the routine – out of breath, the conversation sounded a little like this. Me: ‘Puuhhh… sigh… gasp… whats the… puuhhhh… round?.. sigh..’, bf: ‘…haaaah!!… gasp… five!..gasp’. And that was it. Not enough air to say one other word. That was all, that was necessary to say.

Three rounds later, we had a similar conversation. In which he meant we were at round 7 – in my mind and through the counting of rounds since round 5, we were at round 8 – but I was out of breath again, and simply just agreed, that round 7 might be it. Thinking to myself, that one more round probably wouldn’t kill me – and Hey! I actually do like a good challenge. (Like that first morning run in Promthep Muay Thai, up the hill. Dam* it was like running the freakin’ lake in Ubon – it just keep going………………….. Everybody who been in either place, probably knows what I’m talking about.)

Old photo from a session in Siam

So after 11 rounds we finally ended our saturday ‘fun-cozy-hangout’, but since we were at the gym, we could might as well do some rounds of shadowbox and bagwork. I only did 100 knees, which I have thought about since. It’s pretty bad. I had promised myself 200. Must do 300 next, I guess. Bf was very content after the workout, and I was just happy to have survived. It wasn’t as bad, as I had imagined – kind of like, when you dry your longhaired dog after the stormy, cold rain walk. You felt it, but – it didn’t kill you.

* I really hope the readers of this blog have a sense of humor, and that sarcasm and irony can transplant into my english.


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