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A note about shower

Have you ever noticed how some showers seems designed to only let out 5 strings of water – and slowly. The bungalow I stayed in with my friend Julie, Baan Suan, had one of those showers. Which was a drag when you had to use it at least 3-4 times a day.
1. Morning shower before training – just to wash the sleep of
2. Shower after morning session
3. Shower before afternoon session
4. Shower after afternoon session
– and sometimes a night shower.. which wouldn’t have been a problem, had the shower head worked. But trying to wash and clean long hair like mine, in a 5 strain slow shower – NO FUN! Several days I was walking around with soap and conditioner in my hair. And NO – I just can not wash it. It’s pretty long and thick – my hair that is.

Then the bungalow at Promthep Muay thai was much better – and cheaper – how that is possible I dont know. But it was. Oh – wait… I was living 20 meters from a mobile phone tower. And the shower – the shower was amazing. Full speed on the splash. So nice – and no problem to get the hair washed, even twice a day. Which is definitely too much – but with all the sweat and dust in it – from training outside twice a day, you do feel more clean, with a clean head too. Reminds me – while I’m writing this. I left a half green smoothie in the fridge. I really miss the taste of green smoothies. Could someone please send it to me? 😉

I guess I have to start experiment a bit about making the good stuff myself! All together the deluxe bungalow Danny and Goong put up was just so nice. Feel lucky my friend Hanna introduced me to Promthep.

Hanna & me

My good friend Hanna and me sharing a bowl of icecream at Swensens

Back on the showers – this week has brought me to, as I have a hard time getting myself out in the cold to run. So its been easier to go to the gym and treadmill – and to combine the run with some functional weight training and stretch. I use Royal, as it’s the gym closest to me – and their showers are normally very nice. Good temperature, good flow – but for some reason, while the country is burried under layers of snow and ice, the showers has chosed to be equally slower and *sigh* – temperature dropped. I was bummed – and dried off in the sauna.


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