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The Smackdown

Saturday night featured the so-called BBQ Smackdown at Tiger Muay Thai. This saturday 3 muay thai fights, 1 boxing (exhibition match) and 1 (or 2 according to Rich *s*) MMA fights was scheduled to entertain the growling crowd.

And no one ha to go home disappointed if it was pure smackdown tendencies they were looking for. In all 3 muay thai fights – fighters went in the ring to kill – some even with everything hanging out, and no holding back. However blood thirsty souls had to leave unsatisfied, as the Smackdown features fight with 18 oz gloves, shin pads and no elbows or knees to the head. However my newly found NYfriend Scotty won his fight on a KO, 3rd – midkick that really hit home.

The boxing exhibition fight had two of Tigers trainers showing of in the ring. Even it was a silly fight, you could really tell, these guys know what they’re doing – and I feel so blessed of having had 1-1 clinch with Tuk. Amazing man.
Also, I got to see my

old trainer from Legacy Gym (Ole Laursens gym in Ubon Ratchathani) – Phut – which was really good, as I havent seen him, since I moved to Rawai. It turned out to be quite a ride from here to Tiger, but on the other hand, its close to the beach – has lots of great places for food (got really sick of Tonys), and local life that are not dependent of tourists – and its just makes a world of difference. In my book anyway. I really dont care for Patong, Karon or Kata. I didn’t back in 2004 (even during Tsunami days it was horrible), and I don’t care for it now. But Rawai/ Promthep has turned out to give me that homey feeling – so I guess, I have to give in, and write I actually like Phuket *s* hahaha!

More on the following days from Rawai/ Promthep – and then its soon time to sleep with the tigers!


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