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On the road again

Back on the road – this time yet again for Thailand, and yet again to serve both body and soul. If you know a little about me, you’ll know I like to combine work with pleasure – travelling the world and kicking it.

Tiger Muay Thai, Phuket is the destination after One night in Bangkok (Peninsula), a terrible flight (terrible cause I couldn’t sleep), and several mosquito bites from a visit to the muay thai equipment shop. (New customized shorts with Hello Kitty – YAH!)

BKK was lovely as The City of Angels can be. Peninsula was – not nearly as cool as Sukhothai. But the view from 35th floor across the river – into Bangkok was priceless. And of course service is impeccable like any other 5 star place in Thailand. On the not so good side – I had a struggle with the shower, it took forever to get warm – and was to put it mildly not a 5 star shower, more like a 1.5. Also a very annoying night-light from under table let the bed area all night. Not like the blue dreaming light in Dream, mind you – oh no, this was a certified common light bulb. On the good side, Im impressed by the daily boat rides and the spa. The Spa offered a private suite with steamroom, jacuzzi (with changing colours), massage and the luxus of being. Fantastic place – which I can only recommend.
Peninsula is located by the river – across from all the fun stuff (MBK shopping, Khao San Road, ping pong shows etc), so the hotel cater these small boats sailing every 5 minute or so, to three different destinations across the river. One of them being the Skytrain station – which leads directly to MBK (National Stadium).
A very fitted match, which we enjoyed several times on our short visit.

Arriving well in Phuket with my friend Julie, from back home, it was a bit wierd to land in Tiger. Lots of people from everywhere – like Legacy Gym x 10, and for maybe for that reason, I’ve been missing Legacy a lot this evening. Also Phuket and I have a so-so relationship: I dont really care for the overly-touristed Thailand. After staying in Legacy gym in Ubon Ratchathani for my training trips the past 3 years, I’ve fell in love with the more ‘authentic’ and rustic Thailand, that is to be found in Isaan. Last time I visited Phuket bring back strange memories of past ghosts as, I was nearly flooded away by the Tsunami. But Im back now to do a story about muay thai training for the typical Danish tourist, so I figured what better spot to be in than the big Island down south.

So Im excited to see what Phuket and Tiger has in store for me. This evening I met, what seemed to be some really nice Australians, a kind of butch Canadian girl and some friendly south Africans. Things are starting off good – and I can just hope everything (accommodation and bike) will go smoothly.

Training and more camp facts tomorrow!


One thought on “On the road again

  1. Naja says:

    WHAAATT??? I didnt even know youd left yet?? Happy trails young princess and hope to see you soon. Keep intouch.
    lotsa of love Florence Nightingale 🙂

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