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Hitting that bag again

First two sessions done and done @ Tiger Muay Thai, and as promised a first impression on the gym, the training and the weather (I know, you poor guys back home are cold, and just longing to read about sun and heat *s*). But Im sure before my stay is over, I’ll have new things to say about living the Phuket Muay Thai life ^_^

Training is different from what I have previously tried in Legacy Gym and Phuket Muay Thai. I joined the intermediate class, as my old trainer from Legacy, Phut, is the headcoach for that class. And its kind of a mix between class back home in Siam and what I would describe as training in Thailand. The 200 knees and teeps at the very end of the session – just when you think, you’re ready for the shower.

It means, that the quality of the training not only depend on you, but also which partner they’re teaming you up with. Which – as we all know, can be a good or a bad thing. I guess it depends what your goal are – if you’re not training for fight, then it doesnt really matter. You can just adjust speed/ technique/ power according to whom you’re facing. But if you want to improve on certain points, or training for fight – not the right class for you.

Also – Tiger is HUGE! Two rings, 1 cage, 1 big beginner area + several mat areas for padwork – so its a different experience all together.
Impression on the trainers are so-so. I adore Phut, he always has a way of make you feel welcome and he’s good at explaining by showing (as far as hes english goes). Also I had the pleasure of training of training with Little Bert and Tuk. Will post pictures later.

Phuket is as ridicoules expensive and lesser quality than Ubon or Kanchanaburi – just as I remembered. I just paid almost 400 bath for a really ordinary moo kraw paew and a spicy beef salad, which was a little better – but still nothing like Ubon – and 2 bottle of water. Also 400 bath for a motorbike – two days/ one night. Yawn!!!
Even I feel foolish complaining on the Phuket prices – compared to Denmark prices: Its just – I know how much it cost in Northen Thailand, and I’ve experienced the difference of what you actually get for your money. So sorry, had to bicth a little.

Julies bungalow at Baan Suan is nice however (and expensive ofcourse). But its roomy, theres a shower, a fridge – and its 10 sec from the gym (which is nice, when you’re a lazy dane).
Starbucks in Central Festival hold thai prices 105 bath for a latte, which is cheap for Starbucks – and I luuuv Starbucks coffee. Especially in Thailand… have so many good memories from Starbucks in Ubon.

So I guess this concludes that Phuket is overly expensive (and not very good cooks), but bungalows are nice – and Tiger so far has been good. Look forward for tomorrows training: 2 sessions with sparring. That gotta be interesting. (Most bad thing to mention is I miss my warrior!!)


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