100 days writing challenge 18th july 2013

Today a new chapter in my blogging begins. Wish me luck .

Every day I haven’t been writing on my blog, I’ve spent at least 5 minutes thinking about, what I would write. Yet, I never got around to it.

Like many times before, my good blogging intentions only became that: Intentions.

Reasons were many, but mostly I simply forgot to write. Hours passed, days turned to nights and since I’m sleeping at night – days passed, and so did the thoughts.

So today after many weeks of silence, I’ve decided to give myself a challenge, to fulfill my ambitions about making my blog become and stay alive. I deliberated whether or not to close this account and start a new one all together, but decided to keep writing here.
It might be confusing for the readers who’ve been looking in occasionally, because on this challenge, it will be everything goes as far as content.
But I hope, I can keep it entertaining and hopefully in some part sharing experiences and maybe even inspiring.

So without further: Welcome to my 100 days writing challenge!

Everyday for a 100 days, I’ll be posting a blog.
I can’t promise what I’ll be writing about, just that words will find their way to these pages. I hope you will stay on this adventure with me, and all kinds of feedback is highly valued!

Thank you!


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